Cutting down a treasured old tree on your yard is not an easy thing to do like those trees you have memories with and when it’s gone, the emptiness in your yard must be filled by planting another tree. Planting a tree in your yard is always a good idea. Some plant for shade or some for fruits and others for beautification but have you ever thought on planting tree on the same spot?   


Read more to find out some ideas you must consider before planting a new tree at the same spot after the old tree has been cut down or died. 

Planting a tree on a fresh soil is the best idea but that doesn’t mean that planting a new tree on the same old spot is a bad one. There are few things to consider if you are planning to do this. 

We should consider that if last tree is old enough, it has most likely stripped off many essential nutrients in the soil that a young tree needs in order to grow strong and healthy. The sawdust left behind after cutting or the base of the tree which is basically being left could also change the balance of the nutrient in the soil. The roots from the old tree also takes time to soften or decompose leaving little room for the new plant to grow its roots especially if the new tree is an aggressive grower. 

If the tree has been cut down because of a disease, the pathogen might still be lingering in the soil and it’s not a good idea to plant a species of tree that is not resistant to the problem or disease so chose the kind of tree you will replace with the old one. You can always seek assistance from tree service Arnold or calls for inspectors if you encounter issue, they are the experts who can do the job for you very well.   

You don’t want planting over the remaining base of the cut down tree but instead plant it near the stump, if you can plant it several feet away would be great. Best if you can find a spot about eight feet away from the stump. In order for your new tree to grow well, just leave the idea of planting a new tree on the same spot, sometimes it is a good idea to leave the spot plain even if the spot you are planting has something to cherish.   

You plant a tree because you love a tree so you must consider its health. If the tree on the spot is infected, chose a tree that will not become infected by the disease. If you still think of planting on the same spot, give some time for the soil to recover, remove stump, remove many roots as possible and remove all sawdust or wait till it decompose. It will take time to prepare the area, maybe a year or so but it will pay in the end. It would be lot faster if you add topsoil and compost in order for the new tree to grow at its maximum. Make the area like it is new for the young tree.